Begin as we mean to go on

Coming to the end of this week I am making my goals for next week! More paintings, more exercising, getting dissertation done 🙂

Most of all being with the people I love

Here is the painting I was working on towards the end of the week, see what you guys think!



Paint. Painting. Painted.

These past two months I have been busying myself painting and drawing away and here are a few I would like to share with you guys . . I will get the hang of blogging one day 😀

This first one is of my beautiful parents.. I loved getting back to my roots and drawing a full piece! Especially when they are so pretty to draw 🙂

This one is an on going piece but its the start of a series of door paintings that I will be doing, it’s taken from the drawing above, I have started with watercolour as my first layer but my plan is to add a multiple of different textured layers, including more paint fabric, thread 🙂 I am quite excited about this piece. .

This is my most recent painting, in this I have loved experimenting with stretching the use of colour and how far I can go with colour mixing. Its so therapeutic to sit with some paint and create the most weirdest colours some very lovely and some maybes not to be used as a wall paint! Still interesting all the same 🙂 . .

Last but not least and overall view of my studio, just before my last ever assessment, quite happy with the final outcome, I have grown to really love my space . X x ❤




Heeey!! I’m still a blogger :)

It’s been a while but I’m back! Here’s is one of my most recent pieces of my wonderful grandad 🙂




Spent the day with my momma at the crafts house today! I spent the day eating lots of biscuits, talking to lovely people and being crafty 🙂 here is a zebra spoon that my mom created for the kids classes on Saturday, absolutely love his hair!!



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Star and shadow Cinema

Spontaneous nights out are always fun! Last night I went to a charity art event at Star and Shadow cinema.. When I first stepped in my first thoughts were, this place is adorable, an unused cinema very rustic and rundown but it was very nicely decorated.
There were three featured artist’s, a painter and sculpture called Tim, a photographer Natalie and a portrait artist, from Sunderland university, Natasha.

All had very beautiful pieces showing. Here’s a picture of the entrance and the inside of the room…



Here is a few of the pieces…




I really loved Natasha’s portrait, the first picture of the three above. All of the artist’s were able to explain there pieces and talk about there inspirations, her portraits were inspired by stories from the bible. She chose specific models and colours and even down to the flower shadows painted on face to go with each story. She seemed very moved by these stories and it made me really appreciate her pieces. I also loved how delicate she painted, lovely colours…

We ended the night at The Cluny for a drink and was persuaded to see Blackbird Blackbird in the Cluny 2 venue next door and it was well worth it, electronic style music but very clever and fun, I especially loved the Kate bush song that he remixed because I was able to sing along!! Very lovely night 🙂 ….


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Pretty nails..

Found these nail wraps in Primark for a very lovely price of a pound.. There soo cute!!



Good Morning…

I’m sharing another painting with you, this piece is alot softer in colours and has a quite angelic look to it. This was taken from a photograph I took of my best friend Christopher. His Face was lit up with soo many purple and pink tones, it was very subtle and I really wanted to capture that. The fresh stripped back tones rather than going in full force with lots of bold colours. I am currently deciding how much collage I should put around the outside, I tried to pick colours for the background collage that complemented the colours I painted with. Still feel that there are bits to add but I really enjoyed the process of this painting…